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Digital Lovers

10 Years
Experience and

Since 2009 doing our best work, and now starting a company

We are BlueNorth, a young team ready to make everything happen. At this time of our life, we decided that it is time to make our own business.

It started hard, but we accomplished our goals and now, working, for new ones! 

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Our Numbers Keep Evolving!

Car Trips
Years of Experience

We Love Photography

We enjoy photography because it has given us the opportunity to share people’s most special moments on a regular basis.  It has introduced us to many people who we now call friends.

We Love Marketing

Marketing can spark your inner artist. There are always new designs to craft, tools to use, and ideas to come up with. Creating visually appealing content. It’s a great way to entice people to want to learn more. This is profound if you design a compelling marketing campaign that leads to new customers.

"Effort and sacrifice are allies, but what you do for pleasure is worth the effort."

Rui Aguiar